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About Us

We are a leadingLocal Discovery Commerce Platform targeting Lifestyle Services Segment connecting merchants (restaurants, beauty parlors, spa) with consumers realtime. We own and operate local discovery commerce platform connecting consumers and merchants realtime with apps at both ends.

At consumer end we white label or enable API’s to leading search engines, maps, banks , credit card companies, directory listing/ telecom/ LBS service providers, mobile OEM’s and other b2b’s enabling location based merchant discovery with basic/ rich/ dynamic content and call2action widgets like click2call/ book/ buy/ Order/ redeem/ pay etc..

At merchant end we enable freemium merchant apps that is a omnichannel marketing ROI, dynamic content, inventory mgmt and ‘active’ CRM platform including local ad publishing and digital payments. We also enable merchants with microsite, progressive web apps and native mobile apps.

We have aggregated 27,000+ merchants (restaurants, beauty parlors, spas) in top 42 cities India (with 99% coverage for $4+ APC) and currently aggregating 12,000+ merchants in 19 cities in US (with 99% coverage for $15+ APC).

Our vision is clearly to address top merchant challenges in this Digital World by offering digital presence and connecting them to various consumer networks so that they are able to manage their business more efficiently and cost effectively.

We strive to enable local Business’/ merchants to be able to measure ROI on every marketing dollar spent, dynamically update content, capture each customer data to engage better, offer personalized service with our active CRM and the ability to collect payments (outlet/ remote) from consumers using mobile bank wallets, 3rd party wallets, mVISA, Masterpass, credit/debit card using mobile, android/iphone/samsung pay etc..