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Please read the about us section to know more about our positioning and market opportunity BYT is a 3.5 years old start up with very talented set of core team members with extreme commitment and desire to build the largest active marketplace. We think and work like those successful start-ups teams in their initial days. We have BIG Ambitions and will do everything to stay Number 1. The management team believes in complete accessibility, flat and open office culture. Team members are encouraged to always think out of the box, innovate on all things they influence directly. Team members can question their presence in a meeting if they are not adding value or learning something relevant in their job. The backdrop is clearly speed, productivity and working smart. We believe in sports, leisure and bonding at least once a month so we are teaming well at work and see eye to eye at work and workaround all challenges pointing to companies success or failure.

YOU SEE THIS OPPORTUNITY AS A BIG ONE and can fit into our work culture then do send us your profile. We are always looking for smart and committed people at both mid and junior levels in

  1. Business Development and Regional Sales facing HoReCa and B2B partners in top cities
  2. Marketing and online/social/offline consumer engagement in Bangalore
  3. Content development to enhance views and consumption in top cities
  4. Client Technology and Cloud Platform Development to enhance user experience, overall performance and conversion at the restaurant end in Bangalore

If we like you then we will make our best efforts to offer you the right challenge and the environment to focus and excel, we try our best to match your compensation and give you some significant upside on stock options. Our model works only for people who are self-confident and result oriented.

Do send us your profile with subject stating Business Development, Marketing, Content or Technology to careers@Bytplus.com.