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Frequently Asked Questions

BYT is an offering to make your restaurant dining experience, singularly unique. BYT goes beyond pointing you to Restaurants, allowing you to make table reservations, view menu & order Home Delivery. BYT allows you to make reservations in 6 clicks, get instant confirmations, spot the hottest deals by the minute, take a virtual tour of the restaurant to see its ambience, invite guests online, get directions, view their menu, order a takeaway or a delivery. All these services are accessible Anytime, Anyplace, All the time! BYT uses some of the most advanced technology to help you to get to your food in the simplest way. BYT lets you commence on a dining experience without having to depend on directories, advertisements or call centers.
Registration identifies you as a valuable customer and member, allowing you to set up a personal space which saves all information on your past, current, future reservations & meal orders. Once you have registered with us, you will have multiple privileges & upon logging, BYT will recognise you as our valuable patron & helps you to complete the reservation process quickly. We require you to register in order to protect the integrity of both Users and the Website itself. The sole purpose of this requirement is to protect you and Bytplus.com to ensure that Users are genuine (valid contact numbers & email address), and treat the website as a serious service.

Additional information of Restaurants, apart from Confirmation codes (upon making a table reservation or a delivery order) are sent to your email addresses & as an SMS to your Mobile number. Registration is simple & it only takes a few minutes to register, so we recommend that you do so.
Once you have completed the Registration / Sign up Page & pressed the 'Sign Up' button, we will send you an email with a URL link to activate your membership. This page would ask you for an Authentication code (which would have sent to you by SMS). Once you provide the Authentication code, you become a registered user & are now ready to access multiple privileges of BYT services.

While choosing a Login name of your choice, you may provide us your email id & a password of your choice. You will be required to reconfirm your password. Other details like your name, address, mobile number etc helps us to serve you better. Mobile numbers are used by us to send you reservation confirmations, and they are sometimes used by Restaurants to either confirm your arrival time at their restaurants (in case you are getting delayed) or to reconfirm your takeaway / home delivery order.
As a member & registered user at BYT, you will be able to.
  • Search for restaurants by locality, cuisine & sessions
  • See all features, Services, price range special notes of every restaurant before you reserve a table or order food
  • Make table reservations in 6 clicks
  • Make a table reservation Anytime, Anyplace (No more searching for Restaurant telephone numbers & waiting for them to open their restaurants)
  • Spot the hottest deals & online minute-by-minute offers of every restaurant
  • Take a virtual tour of the restaurant to see for yourself how the restaurant looks
  • Reserve a table by just clicking your mouse, instead of having to enter a lot of data
  • Inform the restaurant if you are dining there for the first time
  • Send special requests to the Maitre 'D (maybe for that special table with a view, a baby chair, any special Services... )
  • Receive online & realtime confirmations - On screen, on Mobile & on email (No more having to wait to find out if your reservation is accepted)
  • Receive a short confirmation code, with the Restaurant becoming aware of your reservations, the moment you had pressed the Confirm button
  • View Maps & get directions to the Restaurant (in case you are dining there for the first time)
  • Use our 'Invite Guest' feature to send email dining invites to your Guests.
  • Track all your reservations (past, current & future)
  • Modify or cancel your reservations without lifting a phone
  • Use our Home delivery / Takeaway section to view Menu & place an order
  • Make informed decisions about what you want to order without having to rush through placing an order
  • Logic driven Menu view allows you to choose, Vegetarian or Non Vegetarian meals & easily locate Soups, Starters, Main Course, Accompanients, Desserts etc
  • Allows you to place an order for a delivery date, time of your choice.
  • Allows you to order an order for any address even if it isn't the address you provided while signing up (So, order food even at office)
  • Track your Order, view what you have ordered & know what you need to pay, even before the food reaches you
Oh yes, while you will be able to view the Restaurants, you may not be able to do anything more unless you are registered member with BYT. Refer to the answers to 'What are the benefits of being a member of Bytplus.com?' to learn what you will be missing out on.
Simply visit www.Bytplus.com & press the 'Sign Up' icon on top-right of the page to complete your registration process.
BYT registration is very very simple. You need to choose a Login name of your choice, provide us your email id & a password of your choice. Your name, address, mobile number are the three other details you are required to provide. Once you have completed the Registration / Sign up Page & pressed the 'Sign Up' button, we will immediately send you an email with a URL link to activate your membership. This page would ask you for an Authentication code (which would have reached you as a SMS by then). Once you provide the Authentication code, the registration process is complete & you will receive a confirmation instantly by an email.
Details like your email id, Mobile number, physical address are required for registration purpose (to activate your BYT membership), and for communicating to you details about your table reservations, home Delivery / take away confirmations. For any reservations or orders placed on BYT, confirmations will reach you by an email as well as by SMS. Without your contact information, we will be unable to process your requests.

BYT will not sell, trade, share or disclose to third parties any information derived from the registration for, or use of, any online service (including names and addresses) without the consent of the user or customer. BYT will however allow Restaurants (where you have either made reservations or ordered a Home Delivery or Takeaway from) to access the information for purposes of confirming your requests/orders to provide you with services you requested. To learn more, please refer to our privacy policy. If you choose not to provide the information we request, you can still visit the BYT website, but you may be unable to access many of our options, offers and services.
Please refer to the FAQ section on 'Reservations, Modifications & Cancellations' to learn more about our table reservation services.
Please refer to the FAQ section on 'Home Delivery / Takeaways' to learn more about our table reservation services.
Our services are currently available in Bangalore. We will be launching our services in Chennai, Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, Mumbai & Pune shortly . Launches will be announced on our website.
No. You do not pay for using BYT services. Our services of searching for restaurants, reserving tables, viewing maps, taking a virtual tour, inviting guests, tracking your reservations, placing a request for Home Delivery / Take away are absolutely free. You pay nothing to www.Bytplus.com

For the Home delivery or Takeaway orders that you have placed, you are required to pay the Restaurant for the food so ordered.
In case you made reservations through Bytplus.com & did not show up 5 times, your account would get locked. It is therefore advisable, that in case you may not be going to the restaurant, but you hold a confirmed reservation, please log into Bytplus.com, visit 'My Reservation' section, click on the reservation you wish to cancel & cancel this reservation. BYT has a 'No Show Policy' which is used as a deterrent to avoid situations where non-serious users may block a table with no intentions of using them.
Once you have logged in, please visit the 'My Reservations' (in the upper right section of the website) to view, modify or cancel existing reservations. Similarly, please visit the 'My Orders' (in the upper right section of the website) to view & track your existing homedelivery / takeaway orders.
BYT's "DineSaver Coupon" section allows you to view Great Discount Offers & Deals that some restaurants may be promoting. You will get to see these offers depending upon the Restaurants choices that come up based on your search criteria. These offers may be promotions or discounts that the restaurant is offering or sometimes, they may be terrific dining deals available on the spot. The hottest deals, discounts & offers will also show up on our homepage of www.Bytplus.com
Updating your Personal information is very easy. Once you have logged in, you will see that your name appears on the Top section of the webpage. By clicking on your name, a page opens up, displaying your profile. Here, you would be able to change your password, update your address & other contact information. Please do remember to click on the 'Update Profile' button to successfully save your changes.
BYT is on a continuous journey to constantly improve our service offerings. We are currently working on 2 different technologies that can help you to use BYT services through DTH TV & ANY Mobile phone. BYT services will also be accessible through Kiosks placed at Malls, large Offices to help people on the move to make table reservations from any of our Kiosk locations. Imagine coming out after a movie & not having to wait at a restaurant for your table because you had reserved your table before entering the theatre, from a Kiosk placed at the Mall.